Monday, April 4, 2011

It’s not that I haven’t been creating..

It’s just that the creating is taking up so much time!  I have done a ton of stuff in the last month, but just haven’t sat down and blogged about any of it.  I have a ton of pictures on the camera that haven’t been uploaded. 

I added 400 square feet of office to my house from what was a concrete-unfinished-basement section.


But I’m still trying to finish organizing…

I’ve started painting over the orange part of the basement that was a rec room (or wreck room is probably a better use of the term) and where the old office was. Because heaven forbid I finish one project before moving onto the next :)


I have more than that done now, but it was the first picture I took.  The colors are way off on that too, the orange isn’t quite so ORANGE and the green is a light olive color.

In the midst of this my hubby and I took a trip to Las Vegas for the construction expo and took a day to drive out to Valley of Fire State Park.  Beautiful and breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe it. (these were all taken with my iPhone…I have to say I’m impressed with the first one and how cool it looks!)

And my favorite of them all…

So I’m hoping that life will slow down, though I’m sure that’s more of wishful thinking anything, so that I can share more details of the stuff that has been keeping me so busy and hopefully inspire you all.