Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hardware … Repurposed

While working on updating the kitchen, I REALLY wanted to get new pulls and knobs.  I’ve always heard it’s an inexpensive way to really change the look of a kitchen.  That and the brass ones I have are getting pitted after 8 1/2 years of use.  So I went shopping.  With 21 pulls and 17 knobs there was no “inexpensive” about it.  Even if I settled for $4-ish replacements, that would have been well over $150! 


So I went to the spray paint aisle.  And bought this:


It was around $8.00. Rust-oleum Satin black spray paint.  No primer needed, just a little scuffing with sandpaper.

I took all the knobs off, screwed them to cardboard and did 3 light coats, careful to make sure I got it on the under side too.  (I did have to touch up about 6 of them on the underside)

Befores: (I don’t have pictures of the island…let’s just say the cleaning fairy is fired)




And the afters:



Completely new look, $8.00 and a little bit of time.  Not bad if I do say so myself!

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  1. $8 kitchen makeover - you gotta love that! ;) Nice job! M*

  2. Awesome!!! Big difference for only$8.00!!!