Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Changing of the seasons

So Halloween is gone.  Very sad for me as it’s one of my favorite holidays and it means that my favorite season is coming to a close.  However, while I was taking down the Halloween decorations, I left a few of the Autumn things up.  I’m not mentally ready for the winter season and I will not put Christmas decorations up until after Thanksgiving.  (With the exception of outside lights, it’s much easier to put those up when you can feel your fingers and don’t have to worry about ice buildup on the ladder rungs because it’s 10 below out, Christmas is a couple days away, and HOW will Santa see the house without lights?!?!?) 
For Halloween I used a few frames that I’ve had for eons and cut out some spooky outlines on my Silhouette.  (Most favorite of all scrapbook/crafty tools which will get a post all of it’s own soon!)  I decided to make the Halloween pictures do double duty so I flipped them over to make some Autumn pictures.  I can then reuse them next year and just flip it over accordingly. 
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I have two bookcases that flank the television in the living room that make a nice home for these.
The bookcases need rearranging a bit since I took down far more Halloween stuff and I don’t have nearly as much Thanksgiving décor.  I also have ideas churning in my head for those IKEA boxes that you see in both pictures that hold various movies, Wii games/accessories, etc. 
I also have an obsession with IKEA, the boxes and the bookcases are just a few of the many things that I have in my home from there.  Yet another post for another day. 

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