Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A flop of a day

So today I was going to blog about something.  I’m working on a big project that I will hopefully have done and be able to write the whole story here soon. 
So I was going to make homemade pizza tonight and figured I would write about that.  However, much to my dismay, the world just isn’t on my side today.  You know about Murphy’s law?  Everything that can go wrong, does go wrong?  Yeah that’s my day in spades. 
I had a mishap with my big project.  It involved a very large board, a wall, a window, and a door in a small space.
Then, I was supposed to help sort Market Day orders after I picked my son up from school.  Well, I took the dog for a car ride to go pick my son up.  Makes it a little difficult to go in and help when I have a 90 pound dog in the back of my car.  Fortunately I have great friends, and one offered to take the dog home for me. 
I then went to go buy some cheese after we left the school so I could make the pizzas.  Got to the store and realized my purse was not in the car.  (took the dog and not my purse…really smart)
I came home and started the crust in the machine, went back out to get the cheese.  As soon as we got home I pulled the crust out and found that just because I want it to be whole wheat, doesn’t mean you can substitute all the flour with whole wheat.  (I’ve done 50/50 in the past and it worked fine)
So I had a brick of pizza dough.  Loaded the kids back up in the car (fourth trip into town for the day), went to Taco Bell for dinner and then McDonald’s drive thru for cookies as dessert.  I’m not a perfect mom, and I’m glad there is fast food when it’s 6:00 and you can’t exactly serve a brick for dinner.
Anyhow, not to leave you hanging, but check back tomorrow night, I’ll have the recipe and pictures of the pizza crust take 2! 
I hope tomorrow is a better day.  Smile

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