Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pretty Little Makeover

Let me introduce you to my favorite kitchen tool.
Isn’t she pretty?
I think her natural beauty can be enhanced.  Well maybe tweaked.  I’ve seen this around on the internet a few different places, and thought “I can so do that!” 
Remember my favorite scrapbook tool? 
Well I used it with my cheap-o version of adhesive vinyl, otherwise known as contact paper (sometimes called shelf liner.  I buy the white roll for far less than what the cutter vinyl sells for per foot. I’m also on the lookout for smooth black, I know it’s out there somewhere, I just have to find it!)
So anyhow, I digress.  I picked out a few images using the silhouette studio software, and sized them to fit the approximate measurements of the top of my pretty mixer.  (9ish by 13ish, I’m precise, can you tell?)
If I mess up, it’s a cheap mistake.  Honestly I did mess up in a few steps and had to recut one piece, but no biggie!
So after I cut the images out, I pull away the “negative space”  You have to go slowly because if the vinyl will tear if you go the wrong direction around the edge of the design. 
I find that it helps to cut away the excess as I go:

When you get all of your design cleared away, you’re ready to start!
I cleaned the top of the mixer off with a little rubbing alcohol.  I also discovered something strange (besides the small glob of frosting left over from last time I used my mixer…oops!)  The rubbing alcohol bottle said that it can be used for massage.  Ummm, I’ll pass.  I’d rather not smell like a sterilized wound. 
Next step, using the transfer paper.  Makes it so much easier to apply the vinyl when it gets unruly.  You can actually reuse the transfer paper over and over as long as it still has a little stick to it.  I’m currently using up the rest of a roll I bought that is specifically for the Silhouette, but I wonder if repositionable clear contact paper would work.  Maybe de-stick it a bit by sticking it to a t-shirt a few times…I shall try that when I run out of the stuff I have. 
So put the transfer paper on top of the image and rub a bit, then slowly pull back the vinyl backing. 
Line it up where you want it…
Rub the vinyl to adhere and the transfer paper should peel right off and ta-da!
I added a few flourishes the same way and my masterpiece was complete!
So my pretty is prettier.  Best part is, it’s removable.  So if it gets buggered up from flying powdered sugar and dough-y hands, or if I change my mood, I can easily change the design! 
And I saved $10-$15 over buying one from someone.  Gotta love DIY.


  1. Gorgeous! I never thought of decorating the mixer.

  2. I featured this on my blog today!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sumo :)

  3. Black vinyl! You go girl! :)