Saturday, November 6, 2010

Domestication isn’t all fun…

So I was bound and determined to do something crafty today that I could blog about.  Unfortunately the guilt of how messy the basement was getting (and my craft area) won out over the desire to do something more fun.  I was a little disappointed by the thought of not having something to add to my blog since I haven’t posted in a couple days, but then I remember the name of the blog includes “domesticate” and the boring jobs of cleaning and keeping house fall under that category.  So I took pictures of the mess to motivate myself and set to work. 
A lot of my friends seem to be under the illusion that I am a perfect person when in fact the messes usually creep up on me when I’m trying to have it all…so here’s the proof. (forgive the less than optimal pictures, the light down here is so fluorescent and orange it’s hard to fix!)
Oh how mortifying!  Anyone up for a game of I –Spy?  I spy a baseball, a pink bear, and a dog toy.  I definitely spy a mess!!!
So I pushed up my sleeves and got to work.  In the process of cleaning up the desk, where we keep all our business paperwork (you can see it’s meticulously organized…LOL)  I got the piles together of receipts that needed scanned and was determined to conquer this pile:
Now this is a job that I’m not particularly fond of (judging by the receipts from July thru October) because it takes a very long time to get them all scanned into this:
But I succeeded in getting all that you see in the first picture scanned and backed up.  This task took me a couple HOURS!  But at least it’s caught up for now. 
I took a short break and came back to finish it out and here’s the resulting clean space that will be all ready for me to mess up with that crafty project I want to do tomorrow: (notice the trash in the bucket needs dumped again already)
I’m glad that the task is done and I can see my desk.  I did capture a few great pictures of Mark and the kids today while I was cleaning that will make fun scrapbook pages later.
Hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the weekend!


  1. Que agradable lugar!! Toda la familia junta!! Lovely!

  2. LOL!!! Girl, you don't know messy! I see waaaaaay too much floor in that room to be classified as messy. Of course, I think I keep my floor covered with junk because the carpet is uglier than the junk! seriously.... but I'm not going to clean until the craft shows are done & I only have one more to do this weekend.

  3. where did you buy the big white storage I love it?

  4. The one with the paper racks on each side and the wire racks and hooks in the middle I actually got at an auction when a scrapbook store went out of business. It was a steal at $125, it holds a ton of my stuff! I love it too, it can break apart into 3 seperate pieces too.